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Interested in becoming a part of the team?
Or just helping out 'cause you want to see something amazing happen
in Santa Cruz? 

Below are some of the ways you can help!



We always have stuff to do! From taking tickets at events, to repainting walls- the fun never ends! The more the merrier. Got any special skills you could contribute? Please don't hesitate to share them!

Art With Us

Got art ideas? We want to hear them! Part of our goal is making the weirdest stuff come to life. Whether you are a musician, painter, tightrope walker, or you've never created art in your life, if you want to try or share something, this is the place. Contact us below or come to our weekly Monday night Art meetups. Details in our calendar.

Materials Drive

We are always in dire need of materials. Many of us spend hours on the internet or in dumpsters looking for treasure that could be used in our next art project. Contact us to let us know what you have! We'll accept a lot of different things like art supplies and even old hardware or that you might consider to be junk! 


We are just beginning our journey and need the help of our community to fully reach our potential. By supporting us, you have the power to change lives and better the livelihood of the city of Santa Cruz, and eventually beyond. As a thank you, we offer various benefits such as lifetime VIP access to our events, exclusive merchandise, and much more. Contact us or check out more info below! 

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